Cabins in the Wild with Dick Strawbridge airs at 8pm from Sunday 21 May on Channel 4


In this new series, engineer Dick Strawbridge and master craftsman Will Hardie follow an ingenious competition to build a pop up hotel made up of eight stunning and unique cabins in the wild.

As a nation we can’t get enough of small luxurious spaces, even former prime ministers need a little cabin to retreat to. In this programme we see the glorious possibilities of the once humble cabin realised as eight extraordinarily beautiful and bespoke cabins are created to form a mobile pop up hotel for the public to enjoy. 

The series charts the build of these cabins and follows eight teams from across the UK who have been part of a tender competition to design unique cabins themed on the mythology, tradition and beauty of Wales. 

Dick Strawbridge and Will Hardie will also be designing and implementing their own creation, a ninth cabin.

On this website you will find all the information you need for finding the architects, contractors, suppliers and anyone else who appears in the shows and is happy to be contacted.